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hiking stick with a paracord-wrapped handleOur rustic hiking sticks are made in the USA and individually hand-crafted from the finest native Midwest woods, including hickory, sassafras and others. The hiking sticks are available in 4-foot and 4 ½-foot lengths and finished with clear lacquer to highlight the natural beauty of the native woods.  We can also customize your hiking sticks with personalized medallions, commemorative event tags, paracord-wrapped handles or paracord straps.  In order to purchase items at wholesale rates, please provide a copy of your retail business license with your order.

Email orders to: thehermannwerks@gmail.com

Phone orders: Aimee Viehmann 573-999-0825 or Donnie Viehmann 573-644-4340


no minimum order
4 ½-Foot
Minimum 12 pieces
4 ½-Foot
Minimum 24 pieces
4 ½-Foot
Minimum 40 pieces
4 ½-Foot
Minimum 120 pieces
4 ½-Foot
Minimum 240+ pieces



Customize your hiking stick with a paracord strap. Standard strap will be done in black, but feel free to ask if you have a specific color in mind.
Add $2.00 per hiking stick.


Are you looking for a better grip on your hiking sticks? We now offer a hand-wrapped paracord handle. Standard wrap will be done in black, but feel free to ask if you have a specific color in mind. 
Add $4.00 per stick.


Hiking stick medallions and event tags are used to commemorate events or places your guests may have visited on their vacation. Hiking stick medallions and event tags can be full-color or engraved on aluminum or brass to capture your design. The tag size is approximately 1 ½ x 1 ½-inches or a 2-inch circle design is also available.
Cost: $2.35 each

We can assist you in designing your tags for a minimum $25.00 fee for any artwork preparation or resizing of artwork provided.

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